Union Station

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Built in 1905 and initially completed in 1906, this was the location of the Louisville, Henderson, and St. Louis depot. It represented and agreement between the Louisville, Henderson, and St. Louis; the Louisville and Nashville; and the Illinois Central railroads to provide Union Station for Owensboro. The plans were drawn up by John B. Hutchings and Henry F. Hawes, and construction was done by Walter Brashear.

During the early 1920’s, eighteen daily passenger trains served Owensboro. The Lousville, Henderson, and St. Louis line had eight trains daily. The L&N railroad bought the station in 1929 and passenger service continued until 1958. Now restored as corporate offices, Union Station is a reminder of the railroad’s vital role in the history of Owensboro.

The L&N Train Depot was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

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