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I’ve been compiling this list of street names that have changed over time around Daviess County. These have come from various sources such as the PVA, newspaper articles, old maps, and contributors like you. If you have one to add, please contact us and help us source it so we can validate it.

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10th StLittles Ave, Olive St
11th StVirginia, Grand Ave, Littles Ave
12th StMaryland, Kentucky, Woodland Ave
13th StGrace St, Randolph Ave
14th StKentucky, Chestnut St
15th StNorth Ave, Monarch Ave, Rhine St, Lee Ct, Maple
16th StJohnson Ave/St
17th StGriffith, Todd, Valley AveValley Ave in Seven Hills area
18th StJohnson's Ln, Kennady Ave, Old HartfordKennady Ave in Seven Hills area
19th StMohican Ave, First St1st St in Seven Hills area
1st StCherry, Mohican Ave, Water, Ravine
20th StMerrit Ave, South St2nd St in Seven Hills area
21st StThird St3rd St in Seven Hills area
22nd StFourth St4th St in Seven Hills area
23rd StFifth St5th St in Seven Hills area
24th StSixth St6th St in Seven Hills area
25th StWilson's Ln7th St in Seven Hills area
26th StEighth St8th St in Seven Hills area
2nd StMain St, South St
5th Street RdOwensboro-Birk City RdSource 1954 KY Highway map
7th StHarriet Ln, Monarch Ave, Whites Ave
8th StMildred St, McCulloch Ave
9th StHughes Ave, McFarland Ave
Ashbyburg RdGelsby RdSource 1954 KY Highway map
Barnett RdKruger Rd.Source 1954 KY Highway map
Berry RdHorrell-Clayton RdKY 56 to Riney Rd Source 1954 KY Highway map
Breckenridge StMurray Ave
Burns RdHicks Rd1919/1933 Map
Byers AveBoyd Ln
Calhoun StPearl St
Calhoun StPearl Stin original Smith-Calhoun plat
Campground RdWeber Ln
Cecil RdClayton Rd, Harrell Clayton RdSource 1954 KY Highway map
Cedar StMulberry St
CrabtreeCox Ln, Chapman Ln
Crabtree Ave"Slop Ln"per Mack Cambron
Ellis Smeathers RdGratzer's LnGratzer property per 1876 atlas, 1950 farm map shows road on border, Article of new Rd from Gratzers to Wrights Landing in late 1900.
Ewing RdKimmel St
Fairview LnJohnson RdHappened in 1953: Article 06/02/1953
Fenwick RdWaltrip Rd/Ln
Flanagan Rd (removed)Mason Ferry RdKimberly Clark property. Ran SW from Sauer Ln 600ft W of Innovative Way
Floral RdStump Newman, Yelvington Rd
Foust AveCrook St
Frederica StLivermore RdOutside of city limits
Free Silver RdSpice Knob, Gatewood Dr
Graves LnJack May County Rdin a 1921 deed
Grimes AvePegram Ln
Hagan Lane NorthLower Birk City RdSauer Lane to Stanley Birk City Rd, Source 1954 KY Highway map
Hall StBowmer, Forrest Ave
Hayden Bridge RdBonneville Rd, Willie Hayden Rd
Hayden Bridge RdSimmons RdHorrell Rd to KY 279S Source 1954 KY Highway map
Hobbs RdClark Rd/Boxtown RdPer deed - Clayton
Hwy 1207Utica & Handyville Rd1933 Map
Hwy 1389Barker Rd
Hwy 142Hale Rd, Melheiser Rd
Hwy 142 (between Fields Rd & Hwy 144)Hale RdPer 1933 county map
Hwy 1514Brushy Fork Rd
Hwy 1554French Island RdHamilton Ferry Rd to Oakford Rd, Source 1954 KY Highway map
Hwy 258St. Joseph-Delaware RdSource 1954 KY Highway map
Hwy 279 (N of Hwy 56)Booneville Rd1919 County Map
Hwy 405Owensboro and Hawesville RdOutside of city limits
Hwy 54Leitchfield RdOutside of city limits
Hwy 554Ashbyburg RdWest from Hwy 81
Hwy 554Smith RdBetween Hwy 431 and Hwy 81
Hwy 56Glenn's Bridge RdPast Sorgho split off
Hwy 56Henderson Rd
Hwy 60 E and Hwy 144Hardinsburg RdOutside of city limits
Hwy 662Jewel Mill Dam Rd or Shyrock RdSouth of, doesn't really exist anymore. Ran south of Shyrock schoolhouse
Hwy 815 from 279 to Lyddane Bridge RdWeathington Rd1933 map
Iglehart RdGriffith Rd, Todd Bottoms Rd
Jennings RdWright Bridge Rd Source 1954 KY Highway map
JR Miller BlvdLewis StRan from Ohio River south
Kuegel LnHaycraft Road SpurSource 1954 KY Highway map
KY 764Whitesville-Oklahoma Rd, Whitesville-Bell's Run RdSource: Road Petitions
Laketown RdStone RdVia 1889 deed for Laketown school
Lanham RdKnottsville & Longview Public Rd
Lee Rudy RdRoost Rd, Berry Road
Legion BlvdPark Ave
Linden AveTaylor Ave
London PikeFeldpauch Rd1919 Map, Road ran from Old Hartford Rd, across Panther Creek, and over to Masonville Habit Rd.
Marksberry RdBrowns Valley, Handyville Rd
McIntyre RdClayton RdSource 1954 KY Highway map
McJohnston AveRazeal AveSegment between Bluff and Leitchfield Rd
Medley LnNew Roost Rd, Hobach Rd.From Bon Harbor toward Stanley, Hobach Source 1954 KY Highway map
Medley RdHobach/Hobeck Rd1954 Highway Map, 1915 Infantry map
Mulligan RdWarren Rd
Myles School RdWindy Hollow Rd
N Chestnut Grove RdKings Mill RdOutside of city limits
n/aAlexander LnDoesn't exist anymore. Ran from east entrance of Legion Park running to the current Parkway Dr South crossing Horse Fork Creek to a farm/home.
n/aMcAfee RdConnected Hwy 815 just east of campground to Hayden Bridge Rd's 90deg turn.
Orchard StVine St
Overstreet Rd.Rudy RdSource 1954 KY Highway map
Park Plaza DrAdams Ave1920 Census Map, South Park Add
Parrish AveChautauqua Ave
Parrish AveHenderson RdOutside of city limits
Plum StShelby St
Reid RdJohn G. Howard RdExtension from Graham Ln to Hwy 60/144 (Reid's)
Riney RdBerry RdSource 1954 KY Highway map
Riney Rd, Berry RdSteamport Rd
Robin RdJunction AvePer 1900-1940 City Voting Dist Maps
Robin RdLee Ave, Junction Ave
Roby RdPleasant Valley, Whitesville Rd
Rudy RdFuzua RdSource 1954 KY Highway map
Scherm Rd.Grassy Flats RdSource 1954 KY Highway map
Steamboat RdWorthington Rd
Stephens RdStowers Rd/Rafferty LnSource 1954 KY Highway map
Stinnett RdMorris RdJust east of Yelvington
Stratford DrWest Linden Ave
Sutherlin LnSublett Rd
Sutton LnBeachump's Passway
Tamerack RdBridge RdSource 1954 KY Highway map
Thruston Dermont RdHoward Rd
Thruston Dermont RdMacedonia Rd1919 Map, shows from Dermont up to Reid Rd.
Todd Bridge RdGrismere Rd, Big Ditch RdBig Ditch Rd south of Panther Creek
Veteran's BlvdWater St/Front St
W 5th St RdWorthington Rd
W Warwick DrE Oak Ave
Willis AveElm Stin original Smith-Calhoun plat
Woodlawn AveCherokee Ave
Worthington RdSands RdPer JJRiney
W 5th St RdPeoples RdPer JJRiney

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