Faith Tool & Die

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Faith Tool & Die started in a double garage at 3006 Frederica St in June of 1946 as a one-man operation. In 1951, the company built its first plant at 1140 Moseley St. It was incorporated on April 1, 1952 and owners listed as George Faith Sr., and his two sons, George Jr. and Charles. Charles bought out his brother in 1957.

By 1961, it employed 33 people. By this time, they had sent their precision-machined products out to 35 states and Canada, though most of its business was in and around Daviess County working with the area’s oil companies.

Jim Hines, who also owned Premium Allied Tool, bought the company in 1984 from Charles Faith. He moved the operation to 3021 Harbor Rd. in 1988.

In 1999, Hines opened Owensboro Manufacturing at the Airpark, and a few years later, expanded that building and consolidated his Faith Tool & Die operation there. By 2002, there were about 100 employees.

In 2006, MPD bought the 55-year old Faith Tool & Die plant and it’s now the On-Duty Depot.

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  1. Hey there, it’s Troy Marks, was there 15 years ago. I really did like Chester and you. I’m ready to go back back work. I’m tired of the retired deal. I sold a business 12 years ago. I’m tired of doing the world touring.

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