Faith Tool & Die

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Faith Tool & Die started in a double garage at 3006 Frederica St in June of 1946 as a one-man operation. In 1951, the company built its first plant at 1140 Moseley St. It was incorporated on April 1, 1952 and owners listed as George Faith Sr., and his two sons, George Jr. and Charles. Charles bought out his brother …

Lock and Dam 46

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On Sept 12, 1928, the Ohio River Lock & Dam #46 at the present day English Park officially opened and the steamer “Shawnee” was the first boat to pass through. Surveying by the US Army Corps of Engineers began in 1910 looking for a suitable location. Construction took five years, beginning in August 1923 at a cost of $2,000,000. With …

The Well at Bethabara

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Did you know… this old well behind Bethabara Baptist Church in Habit was dug by David Miller in 1859. He was paid $11 for his 10 days of work. The well supplied water to the community until water lines were installed in the 1960’s. More info on Bethabara Baptist Church can be found here:

Owensboro’s “First Things”

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Here’s a partial list of some of the “first things” that took place in Owensboro. First Home A log cabin built by Bill Smothers somewhere between 1797-1798. First Organ Used in Church The first organ used in church was at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church on May 22, 1849. Note: An article from Aug 14, 1927 says Cumberland Presbyterian at St …

Old/New Street Names

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I’ve been compiling this list of street names that have changed over time around Daviess County. These have come from various sources such as the PVA, newspaper articles, old maps, and contributors like you. If you have one to add, please contact us and help us source it so we can validate it. Don’t forget to join us in the …

Union Station

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Built in 1905 and initially completed in 1906, this was the location of the Louisville, Henderson, and St. Louis depot. It represented and agreement between the Louisville, Henderson, and St. Louis; the Louisville and Nashville; and the Illinois Central railroads to provide Union Station for Owensboro. The plans were drawn up by John B. Hutchings and Henry F. Hawes, and …

Elite Pressing Club

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It was a popular time for men’s high-end clothing in Owensboro in the 1890’s and early 1900’s. The Elite Pressing Club opened its doors on Dec 17th, 1903. This popular service was located at 303 Frederica St, just north of the current Kurtz Auction building. Rice E. Berkshire, Thomas Monarch, Goe Gens, and Chester A. LaRue were some of the …

Toll Roads Close

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120 years ago today at 2pm, the last person passed through any tollgate in Daviess County. Prior to 1881, county roads were just mud and dust. The city started to gravel downtown roads around 1880. The county residents wanted to be included for the main roads leading to the city. Orders were made and work began in 1882. The Daviess …

The Executive Inn

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In 1977, Bob Green opened the Executive Inn Rivermont at the foot of Cedar Street. It was the second largest convention center in the state at that time. The Showroom Lounge started hosting big-name entertainment from Nashville, Hollywood, and Las Vegas. Jerry Lee Lewis, The Beach Boys, Keith Urban, Billy Ray Cyrus, and former Beatle George Harrison were just a few …

Sts. Joseph & Paul Parish

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St. Joseph Church was organized in 1870 by the German members of St. Stephen. Their first building, built in 1871 at Triplett and McFarland (9th) burned by a fire caused by lightning. In 1878, they bought a lot at the southeast corner of 4th and Clay and completed their new building in 1880. When St. Stephen Church couldn’t accommodate the …