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Studio History

Carl S. Malone operated the Hollywood Studio at 120 W. 2nd St. until Chris and Betty Casale took it over in the mid 1940's.

Hollywood Studio proudly possessed the only natural color lab in the Owensboro area through the early 1960's. Photography and life-size oil paintings were their specialty, though they also had a gift shop. In the early 1960's, they moved to the Emory Centre and their photos/negatives have been in storage since.

Special thanks to Tony, their son, and his wife Jan for allowing me to salvage some of what could be saved.

What are you doing and why?

My passion for local history has led to an appreciation for research and preservation. My ultimate goal is get these memories back to families that want them, and to encourage people to learn about their family and town's history.

In 2014, I started the "History of Owensboro, KY" Facebook group which has grown to almost 26,000 members, and in 2020, I started the "History of Hancock Co, KY" Facebook group which has over 1,000 members. My in-depth research includes mapping and documenting small family cemeteries, and the many small schoolhouses that once covered Daviess County.

What's in the collection?

Over 15,000 negatives and/or photographs of all kinds of portraiture:

  • Senior Photos
  • Wedding Photos (some albums)
  • In-Studio single/family portraits
  • Child Portraits
  • On-site candid portraits
  • Event photos
  • "Scans" from originals brought in to be enlarged/modified

Who knows what it could be? We've even seen funeral/casket images, pet images, etc. Also note that we cannot guarantee the quality of the media as some may have water, age, or storage damage.

How can I find out what is there?

This link to a web-based spreadsheet will give first name, last name, alternate name(s), addresses, notes, and box number (if that data exists). The spreadsheet will be updated over time as quickly as possible.

Results will be sorted by last name, then by first name. Some names are hard to read, so you may want to search for variations of names. You may also need to scroll left to see the "A" column. You should be able to sort and hit (Ctrl + 'F') on a keyboard to search the spreadsheet.

TIP: You can use the dropdown icon to the right of a column heading to filter by a name or location. For example, in the Address/Details section, you can enter Utica and see all people with a Utica address.

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The spreadsheet also shows the latest date that names were added. Please check back weekly.

Can I help out somehow?

Yes, I'd love a few volunteers! Message me to see what we can work out. Most of the packets have a name and address on them in cursive. Having a team of two people makes the process go fairly quickly. Having a laptop is a plus, as one person can enter the data while the other reads off the information.

Ordering Options

Option A - Pick up the packet as-is for $10.

Option B -  For a $5 fee (Paypal, Venmo, etc), we will find your file, give you some details about the content or send you a quick photo showing a negative/print so you can determine if you want it. If you choose to purchase a packet, they will be available on a "pick up day" for an additional $10.

Option C - Digitize Negatives - $15 for up to 4 negatives, add $3 for each additional negative. Each is corrected digitally and a link is sent to you to download, ready to print or share. We will let you know of total cost before proceeding.

* Multiple packets for the same name will not be extra, but differing names will be +$10/ea. Mailing is an option for $+9.

Why aren't you doing this for free?

My goal is to pair these photos with anyone that may want them. For this project, there have been costs such as renting dedicated office space, storage equipment, scanning equipment, etc. These fees will help cover only a fraction of the costs involved.

Additional Services

Photo Repair (+$25) - We can digitally fix most torn, scratched, or damaged negatives. Add $10 for each additional image.

Colorization (+$30) - Digital colorization of black and white images to give some life to your images. Add $15 for each additional image.

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